DAVIS Fabrics’ exhibition stand at Heimtextil 2018 in Frankrurt

Marcin Czopek
Bogna Polańska
EVENTHeimtextil 2018

This year we had a chance of designing an exhibition stall for one of the most prestigious textile fairs- Heimtextil in Frankfurt. This event opens the seson for interior fairs around the world. Exhibitors present a varied offer of decorative and upholstery fabrics, curtains, curtain rods, carpets and wallpapers among others. During this year edition 2 975 exhibitors introduced their textiles to almost 70 000 visitors. The most important companies show the colour and fabric trends and predict the perspectives for textile market.

Davis, located in Bielsko-Biała produces, imports and distributes upholstery fabrics. According to changes that the company has undergone, such as change of identification and implementation of new ‘Smart’ fabric line, the refreshment of the exhibition pavilion was also planned.

During first meeting with the client we had agreed on the walkways for visitors and work areas for staff. Based on this scenario we created programme establishing primarily a spacious textile exposition, work stations with material samplers, comfortable area for business talks, kitchen facilities and a staff room. An important assumption was to expose the new fabric line in a different way than the rest.

Because of the fact that numerous visitors come to see the pavilion we had to remember of fluid communication and an easy-access to all exhibition areas. An additional difficulty was caused by the construction pillars, that were present on the designated space.

This space arrangement together with the assumptions made us separate the pavilion through a rectangular box which accommodated the kitchen facilities, staff room, but most of all has hidden the unattractive pillars. Exterior walls of the construction became a large sampler which could be viewed from every side.

In one part of the stall we arranged two sets of sofas facing each other. They marked a meeting area and were an elegant showcase of the proposed new fabric designs. On the platform in the corner we placed illuminated tubes covered with materials from the new Smart line. Work stations like desks, chairs and sample holders for service were located along the exterior side of the stall. Quick talks with clients were held by the desks.

The whole pavilion was made out of light materials like plywood which gave a plain background for different colours and textures of fabrics.