A story with coal in the background

2010. Katowice, Gliwicka 188. An old tenement house. Red bricks and ivy climbing up the wall.

Inside two floors, a cellar and…us! Searching for the perfect gift from Silesia, and if Silesia is Silesia, then coal of course. Passion and clouds of black dust are floating around. This is where the first gift is made. A lamp. But soon the idea of making jewellery out of coal, a small, casual and more handy Silesian gift will arise.

This is how we founded BROKAT at this address.

We carry Silesia in our hearts and we have always wanted to export this love around the world. We were looking for a gift that would make our region close not only to us.

We could not find it, so… we created it ourselves!

It started with a lamp. Then it was time for jewellery – a smaller, more manageable gift, the kind you want to show off to everyone!

The idea was great, but coal turned out to be a very fickle mineral… And then we met Mr. Czeslaw, a sculptor for years associated with mining, who revealed to us the secrets of his knowledge about “black gold”. 

Today, coal in our hands is a graceful material. We create jewellery that you want and that delights. In which raw minerals meet shiny silver and gold, where tradition meets fashion in a modern way.
 Discover our collections.

From a lump of coal to your jewellery!

They are over 300 million years old, and each of them is unique - a nugget of coal. Agnieszka, Martyna and jeweller Wojtek set out to find the perfect one. When they find it, they carefully (and with full devotion) cut, polish and protect it creating a coal diamond for you.

In a moment a carbon diamond will turn into your jewellery. Its silver setting will be taken care of by the best jewellers: Wojtek, Emilia, Martyna, Dawid, and if you dream of gold glitter, we have a specialist goldsmith, Mr Jacek, at hand.

We put your unique jewellery in a colourful box. It will wait here safely for you. You can pick it up personally in our studio in Katowice or we can send a courier - decide. This is the only thing that separates you from your Silesian glamour!