Exhibition stand of WORK SERVICE during the European Economic Congress 2018 – Katowice

AUTHORSMarcin Czopek
Roma Skuza
Bogna Polańska
DATE AND AREAMay 2018 64m2
EXHIBITORWork Service S.A.
EVENTX European Economic Congress 2018
SITEMiędzynarodowe Centrum Kongresowe w Katowicach

Relax – We are working for you! That was Work Service’s main slogan directed to clients visiting company’s stall. The space was meant to make you relax and catch your breath. The assumptions provided for a bar, as the main attraction of this place, intended for serving raspberry mousse, prosecco or champagne.

Moreover the space was meant to contain plant motives which encourage relaxation and special VR box where clients could experience virtual walk through the jungle. The designed space was dedicated to the presidents of large companies, management boards, directors, investors and other representatives of a high level of managerial skills. The arrangement was aimed to induce interaction while being an elegant representative of Work Service.

The stand located in Vip exhibition area made us use non-standard colorus of the company. This is why the interior colorus were taken to the expanded version of the brand- gold and black. Those colorus combined with green proposed by us and warm material such as wood created an elegant effect which was desired.

Bar and cocktail tables located on the front were inviting people to enter the stall and try cocktails. The green cloud was drawing people’s attention right from the entrance to the venue. Deep inside the exhibition there were sofas and coffee tables with a plant wall behind. That part created a relax zone. The atmosphere was complemented by a casual tune of sounds of nature – the sound of the forest, water and birds singing.