Brynów a flat

AUTHORSBogna Polańska
Roma Skuza
SITEBrynów, Katowice
COOPERATIONWietrzne Pole, Milena Michałowska – painter

The investors’ dwelling was designed by us before. The family had lived there already for few years. Some things have changed through out the years and new refurbishment was needed. Children grew up and moved out leaving two empty rooms to be redesigned. This fact became an inspiration to redesign and change whole apartment.

The client has been always dreaming of spacious kitchen. She loves cooking and inviting friends over to prepare dishes together. That is why we decided to expand the kitchen. Thanks to that we were able to add many functional solutions and the kitchen itself became more open and integrated with the living room.
 Family members are very fond of good wine. One of their requests was to design a place to display wine bottles. Is was an additional chllenge for the architect.

The client collects antique furniture. And that was another demand to combine the old with the new in a fresh, modern way.

We decided to contrast antique accents with light collored walls and rawness of concrete wall and lighting fixtures. Large slab architecture let us to uncover the original construction, what gave the apartment a specific character. A bathing salon and guests’ toilet are decorated in white colors. Thanks to that all attention is drawn to big antiques mirrors. Dwelling’s floor is a uniform wooden surface, which joins the whole space designed according to our proposition.