Exhibition stand ‘Śląskie. Pozytywna energia’ during European Economic Congress 2018 – Katowice

AUTHORSBogna Polańska, Roma Skuza
REALIZATIONInstytucja Kultury Ars Cameralis
DATE AND AREAMay 2018, 85m2
EXHIBITORSilesia Marshal Office
EVENTX European Economic Congress 2018
SITEMiędzynarodowe Centrum Kongresowe w Katowicach
COOPERATIONNiuans Studio, COBU Design, Laga, FÓBE

See the reflection of variety, of space for creation and innovation. See yourself. Because Silesia is people. People like you!

Our task was to show the main conception of ‘Silesia. Positive energy’ in the best way.

This year Silesia wanted to present itself as a various region, full of creative people and space for art. The arrangement was meant to stand out in the exhibition area. The assumptions provided for three separate zones, (one for tourism, one for european founds and one for serving clients- investors and exporters) where visitors could get information needed. There was also a demand of having a place for bussines talks.

Based on those demands we created a shiny space, full of reflections and sparkling with mirror surfaces. This effect was enhanced by hanging a shiny circles above whole arrangement.

Choosing colours we reached for expanded colour palette of brand Silesia which is e.g. red and yellow. Tables were used as information points. Yellow icons hanging above them symbolised the variety of the region.

At the stall visitors could see many different items designed by national designers like Laga or FÓBE. Showrooms Niuans Studio and COBU Design among others helped us in implemantation by loaning us selected furniture. Together with Cultural Institution Ars Cameralis, local designers and showrooms, we showed that our region is diverse, full of creative people who can cooperate in many silesian projects.