Ligota – an apartment

AUTHORSBogna Polańska
Roma Skuza
SITELigota, Katowice

The investor insisted on creation of an open space and application of earth colours.

A new project involving one bedroom made it possible to pull down most of the partition walls and elimination of small room – a large open space was created. A luxury bedroom is separated from the daily area with a semi-round wall that optically reduces it. A bathroom was created in a soft “bay” of the wall and separated from the bedroom by means of a transparent glass wall.

A resin floor covering polished concrete is found in the entire apartment. A chimney in the living room was covered with concrete plates; the created monolith visually separated the kitchen and the dining room from the remaining part of the living room. The kitchen is of representative character and thus one may find there veneers made form exotic wood on the cupboards and the kitchen island that correspond with the dining room table.