Kubiny – an apartment

AUTHORSBogna Polańska
Roma Skuza
SITEŚródmieście, Katowice

In this apartment designed for a doctor, we decided to pull down most of the partition walls and create an open space from small rooms and a dark hallway.

The open space was divided into a kitchenette, a dining room and a living room. A bathroom and a bedroom are the only closed rooms, however, they are also open to the “public” part of the apartment thanks to partial gaps in the walls and fitted “windows.”

There is a stained-glass window in the bedroom as the client wanted to pay homage to his father who run a stained-glass workshop. Colourful glass juxtaposes minimalistic interiors. Wallpaper depicting a brain that is found on a bedroom’s wall is another strong counterpoint and may be seen as an ironic reference to the owner’s occupation.