Kitchen in Cracow

kuchnia w krakowie
AUTHORSKasia Kochanowska
Roma Skuza
Bogna Polańska
REALIZATION DATEAugust/September 2018
AREA14,2 m2

Our grandmothers used to say that the kitchen is the heart of home. With time passing, this saying has not expired. Its gains more and more meaning. Nowadays, in order to maximize the space, merging kitchen with living room is a standard procedure. Absence of dividing walls creates a possibility of optical enlargement, better lighting and functional arrangement of the space. In result a modern kitchen is not only a functional working area, but also inseparable part of living space, where life of the family and its guests takes place.

It is important that a kitchen corresponds with the aesthetics of the apartment, but at the same time as a separate room stays eye catching.

In presented project we were faced with designing a kitchen in already off-the-peg apartment. In respect to the rest of the dwelling we used fair and subdued colors.

We wanted to have a clean and simple space, that is why we have hidden kitchen amenities in cabinetry, like e.g. a retractable cooker hood. Wooden cupboard fronts, according to wooden flooring, were covered with natural oak veneer. Additionally kitchen top and the island were made out of natural stone. Light beige composed ideally with already existing hues in other rooms. Using the same color scheme linked the two functions, kitchen and living, into one space.