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Classic pendant size s with chain



“Hochglance” means “high gloss” in Silesian!

PROJECT: Bogna Polańska, Roma Skuza, Kaja Nosal
MATERIAL: hard coal+silver mark 925

DIMENSIONS: lump: 2-3 cm

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Jewellery made from silver and a nugget of coal.

nugget size: 2-3 cm

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You can return your purchased jewellery within 14 days of receiving it.
If after receiving the product you find any defects/omissions in it please send an email to: produkt@pracowniabrokat.pl with a short description.

For more about how to return and claim your jewellery read here.

Store your jewellery in a container or a box with restricted
access of air. This will slow down the natural patination process.

Protect your jewellery from chemicals and bumps, take off
your rings during household chores.

Gold plating – this coating is particularly vulnerable to abrasions, scratches.
If you care about special durability of your jewellery choose the version
entirely made of silver or gold.

To prevent your jewellery from losing its shine you should wipe it with
special cleaning liquids or cloths.

If your jewellery is damaged please write or call us.
We will try to help you the best we can with a complaint (up to a year
time) or for a fee after looking at the damage.

The uniqueness of the individual pieces is due to the material itself – hard coal. Each nugget of coal, due to its chipping from a larger block of stone, has a unique shape. The jewellery is made of brittle and “living” natural material, therefore impacts and falls from a great height may cause chipping or scratching of the coal. The nugget of coal used in this piece is approximately 300 million years old. Please do not bite the jewellery. Please dress in a healthy Silesian way. Wear the jewellery in a visible and exposed place.

Each piece by using a different nugget of coal is uni.Katowy

Design: Bogna Polańska, Roma Skuza