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Half-and-half earrings


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Jewellery made from silver and a nugget of coal.

size S: diameter of the stone about 7 mm
size M: diameter of the stone about 9 mm

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Store your jewellery in a container or a box with restricted
access of air. This will slow down the natural patination process.

Protect your jewellery from chemicals and bumps, take off
your rings during household chores.

Gold plating – this coating is particularly vulnerable to abrasions, scratches.
If you care about special durability of your jewellery choose the version
entirely made of silver or gold.

To prevent your jewellery from losing its shine you should wipe it with
special cleaning liquids or cloths.

If your jewellery is damaged please write or call us.
We will try to help you the best we can with a complaint (up to a year
time) or for a fee after looking at the damage.

The Half in Half earrings are a choice for a woman conscious of herself and her image. Elegant and individual, regardless of age.
Earrings based on the shape of a circle are composed of carbon on one hand and natural stones on the other. This small piece of jewellery will suit both amateurs of bright colours and those who prefer darker ones. Earrings are available in two sizes – smaller with diameter of 7mm and bigger with diameter of 9mm. Silver or gold plated.
While creating the “Half and half” collection we decided to combine the charisma of our beloved coal with the colour and structure of natural stones. The strength of the character of coal on one hand, on the other hand lightness and delicacy of natural stones such as: pink quartz, green aventurine, blue agate, navy-black dumortierite, purple amethyst. This is how perfect duets were created. This is a response to our passion for the symbiosis of Silesian tradition and jewellery trends. “Half and half” is not just a product, it is originality in every inch. The stones we use to create our jewellery are hand-processed and chipped from a larger block. They may differ slightly from those presented in the picture in texture, texture and colour. Each piece is unique due to the use of a different nugget of carbon.