A wada statuette

STATUETTE: coal: base 6 cm x 4 cm, height 16 cm, glass: base 6 cm x 2 cm, height 13 cm.

DESIGN: Bogna Polańska, Roma Skuza, Ada Sowińska
MATERIAl: carbon and glass with 3D engraving

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The statuette was designed at the request of the Marshal’s Office in Katowice for the anti-doping conference Wada 2019, which took place at the International Congress Center (ICC) in Katowice. Wada brought together representatives of the sports movement, governments and national and regional anti-doping organizations where together with competitors, their environment, the media and other anti-doping experts they met to summarize the evolution of Clean Sport and to conduct high-level discussions and debates about the global anti-doping program, its practices and processes .

The statuette is made of carbon and glass with 3D engraving.