2in1 statuette
Statuette 2 in 1

Presented Statuette: base dimensions 10 x 10 cm,
height 20 cm, powder-coated stainless steel plaque.

Design: Roma Skuza, Ada Sowińska, Bogna Polańska
Material: plexiglass, charcoal, natural, impregnated root

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This statuette was commissioned by Bidfood Farutex to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Farm Frites in Poland. The project was based on an abstract approach to the activity of Farm Frites – which produces food products from potatoes. Hence the root at the base, coal as the middle layer symbolizing the ground in which the tubers mature, and a green twig as the upper part heralding new possibilities. This statuette metaphorically represents the development of the business and the growth of the company.
The upper part of the statuette was made of carbon. Plexiglas and a natural, properly impregnated root were used for the lower part. In the carbon block there is a hole which can be used as a mini vase. A plaque with information completes the design.