‘Hochglance’ in Brazil! Our hard coal jewellery at the exhibition ‘THE SPIRIT OF POLAND’ during Sao Paulo Design Weekend

The exhibition was presented during the biggest Brazilian festivals devoted to modern design, i.e. Sao Paulo Design Weekend Project, and is a continuation of ‘The Spirit of Poland’ initiative, pioneered at grassroots by creators of industrial design, whose aim is to introduce values and potential of works of Polish designers to international audiences. The exhibits were chosen in connection with the idea: spirit/soul of a material that in turn originated in the cycle ‘The Spirit of Poland’. The set of exhibits included work with natural resources and various types of treatments created by humans. An important part of choosing the products was a relation between the manual work and computer-aided technology.

Exhibitors: Hochglance bro.Kat; Berga Kafti, Yacht Pillow Malafor; “Natura” Collection (ROCK & SALT, TREE SET, TREE) Marek Cecuła, Modus Design; Orca Puff-Buff; Shinoi Collection (Diamond, Star, Little Star) Shinoi; Plopp, Hot Pin Zieta Processdesig

São Paulo 2013


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