MOK – entrance zone

AUTHORSMarcin Czopek
Bogna Polańska
Roma Skuza
INVESTORCultural Center in Miasteczko Śląskie
AREA64 m2
SITEMiasteczko Śląskie

The main assumption was to create a foyer among existing communication paths, before a main multifunctional hall in MOK.

We decided to keep as much as possible of old unique materials, like wooden paneling, terrazzo and balustrade. We wanted to bring out the beauty of the materials back out again.

We managed to renovate majority of the wall paneling, apart from the lower parts, what is the reason for using wooden slats. Birch scantlings decorate the elevation and house a lighting installation. A division relates to paneling in the main hall and to the door level. Terrazzo was polished and impregnated to a matte finish. A balustrade was also refreshed. Adapting the space we decided to open up the kitchen. Previous door was replaced with a big steel and reinforced glass construction. It let more light into the kitchen and integrated the corridor with the kitchenette.

That made a bi-functional interior which can be used by all visitors, groups and staff.

Existing stone radiator casing was covered with plywood creating a long bench. It was equipped in folding tables hidden on the wall. When the kitchen is in use they can be unfolded to became a coffee tables.

Thanks to spaces between scantlings and perforation warmth circulation from the radiators stays undistorted. The construction is finished with a big flower pot which revive the interior and welcomes to the first floor.

According to the main hall, that we had a pleasure of designing previously

there is a tubular lighting installation on the ceiling. It gives an even light and a character to the interior.

Wood combined with a stone flooring and open kitchen provides a warm and cozy atmosphere.