E. WEDEL Chocolate Lounge

Bogna Polańska
Małgorzata Staroń
Sandra Wereszka
PRIZE2014 – honourable mention in „Public Foor Me - Design an Interior of E.Wedel Chocolate Lounge" competition

Over the hills in a kingdom far away there is E. Wedel’s Pleasure Factory full of sweets and delicious flavours that entice guests and invite them to experience new tastes. Huts, from which the guests may choose their own chocolate pleasure, either sweetmeats or breakfast, will satisfy all foodies. One may ensconce in a forest for a while with a tasty coffee or sit with some friends on a glade. Moreover, the guests can collapse onto comfortable poufs if they feel more like chatting. Bigger groups are offered spots at the chocolate river, where they may throw parties accompanied with fairy animals.The interior of all premises is to resemble a fairyland full of animals, the land of milk and chocolate.

Modular huts constitute the main parts of the chocolate factory found in the middle of a forest. In exemplary premises each hut has a different function. In the first one the guests may enjoy coffee and chocolate. In the second one pralines and truffles are offered. In the third hut customers may buy breakfasts, smoothies and salads, whereas in the last one there is a shop. The huts may be arranged differently depending on their function, shape of premises and local needs. The entire part designed for the customers is divided into places found in nature, i.e. a forest (a spot with stools: espresso or breakfast), a glade (seats at the tables), a feeder (a spot with poufs) and a river (gang meetings).