Koszykowa an apartment

AUTHORSBogna Polańska
Roma Skuza
SITEPanewniki, Katowice
COOPERATIONAleksandra Stolecka

At the beginning the investor’s expectations were moderate – he asked us to help him arrange room interiors as well as exchange kitchen cabinet doors. He could not have imagined how his guidelines would be revolutionized. Having been presented with some ideas for comprehensive development of the flat’s space and possibilities that could emerge from the new functional layout, the investor was bought into extending the scope of renovation.

Our co-operation led to a decision to demolish a load-bearing wall that separated the living room from the kitchen. Instead a downstand beam was mounted and thanks to that operation a large and bright living area emerged. It was decided not to cover the beam but paint it the same colour as the walls. Another important decision was to design a wall-mounted copper lightning system that would be located perpendicularly in the entire living area. The downstand beam and the copper lighting system became an exposed part of the interior and form a consistent arrangement.

During our first meeting the investor emphasized that he likes bright rooms, doesn’t cook, reads a lot and has many books.

Considering these facts, the kitchen was trimmed to the minimum size whereas the living room was enlarged so that it could include both a library and work areas. The same material, i.e. birch veneer, was used in the entire common space so that it would be more coherent and seem bigger. Natural and whitewashed wooden triangular surfaces create a geometrical pattern that resembles an ECG graph, which in turn brings to mind the owner’s profession. Kitchen appliances were placed in non-standard furniture and thanks to untypical system of “folding doors” they could be hidden behind a seamless and aesthetic surface. A multifunctional mint sofa, which changes its shape depending on the needs, was placed at the heart of the living room.

In another room, in which one may find the investor’s bedroom, a wall was covered with bold wallpaper. It refers both to the sofa’s colour and to the triangular patter of the veneer. In the entire flat there is a wooden floor, whose colour corresponds with the birch veneer; furniture and decorations in various shades of white such as a marbled table counter, a kitchen counter, a magnet board or round switches as well as sockets, constitute bright complementary parts of the interior.