Bażantowo a flat

BAŻANTOWO a flatMarcin Czopek
Bogna Polańska
Roma Skuza

The design was based on needs and demands of investor’s. Important assumptions were to design a minimalistic interior with natural materials, to accommodate an easy accessible bike storage and to open space leaving some intimacy to private areas.

To receive more space we have demolished an existing wall and replaced it with steel profiles and glass with curtains. This operation leads the functions integrate still being separated. With one move you can create a spacious interior. The dividing glass wall lets the insight into the living area.

An additional feature on the wall is a steel box serving as a bike holder. Properly selected background makes the bike look almost like an exhibit. The steel box is noticeable in each room, being an integral part of the interior. The holder was located nearby the entrance door due to the increased usage and lack of any other storage in the building.

A linking element in the bedroom is a paneling that connects a wardrobe with a computer station. Its height is the same as height of kitchen cupboards, and glass wall steel divider.


In the living area the are a kitchenette made out of an oak veneer with a black matte kitchen island, and a concrete coffee table.

A bathroom featuring a monolithic concrete wash basin was one of a owner’s dreams. There is an additional storage place as well. A practical solution in the bathroom is direct lighting of the face when opening the front of the cabinet.

Using busbars let us expose specific elements and adapt the space to owner’s needs. Thera are also light lines used, which lit up in the night bring up the beauty of the materials. Flooring in the apartment is made out of polyurethane resin.

Strong color accents complete the dominating whiteness, adding the individual and expressive character to it. Careful selection of materials and various textures lets a creation of a cozy and minimalistic space, where cold white surfaces go along with warm fabrics and wood really well.