‘Ekoeksperymentarium’ – exhibition for children during COP24

Roma Skuza
Bogna Polańska
ORGANIZERCOP 24, City of Katowice
PRODUCERAgnieszka Wydmuch
DATE of EXHIBITIONNovember-December 2018
TIME of REALIZATIONAugust-November 2018
SITEKatowice Market Place
PARTNERSDobry Klimat, IKEA Retail, KZK GOP, Mamy Projekt, Śnieżka

Originators of the gallery, Małgosia Żmijska and Joanna Studzińska from Mamy Project collective, specializing in exhibitions, invited us to design an exposition for children called – Ekoeksperymentarium. We wanted to meet all the assummptions given by the curators. Arranging the area, we created dwelling interior that is consistent and backs the main function – tasks and experiments for kids. We decided that to construct the installation we would use as much as possible materials that can be reuse, such plywood, timber or charity sorced furniture. We also used grey cradboard, which is recyclable.

Ekoeksperymentarium is an exhibitoin, that was ment to show how to ease life, save time and money for family, as well as eliminate what is unneccesary or unhealthy. Illustrated the Łaskotek Family was inviting to their home on Katowice market place, where we could find out how to take small steps to make big changes.

At the Ekoeksperymentarium exhibition constructed during expectancy for COP24, there were games, tasks, and a walk through the dwelling of Łaskotek’s family.

In the living room we focused on saving the elictricity, according to know-how developed by IKEA. Simple actions like using curtains, carpets or changing light bulbs to led lights could reduce recurces consumption and positively impact our walets.

The child’s room was introduced to a ‘less is more’ principal – less things in the room is more time for family, and less usage of planet resources. The room was visually divided in two parts, one– simple and tidy, two – messy, full of unused clothes and toys.

In the kitchen, in cooperation with Koloratorium Śnieżki, some experiments took place, e.g. producing eco-substitutes of cleaning agents. Visitors could remove a stain, produce an eco-glue or paints. Knowledge of waste segregation was also checked here– and it turned out not to be easy.

In the bathroom we tried to resonably use every single drop of water, and illustrate how much water is being wasted when we do not turn the tap while brushing teeth.

Hall was a place where togrther with KZK GOP, we could find out why it is worth to travel by pabluc transport, and what to do to reduce traffic.

Entry to the exhibition was free, but visitors were asked to, if possible, bring plastic bags. Those bags were used to create an upcycled knited christmass tree for Katowice.

Touch and experiment – Ekoeksperymentarium was an extraordinary place. Animators of the exhibiton were happy to talk with visitors, walk them through the dwelling and encourage them to play. There were also workshops and meetings taking place during the ptoject, e.g. zero waste, upcycling or solar energy. The exhibition was visited by almost a hundred groups of school kids, mostly from Katowice schools.