coal jewellery
without the chain


“Hochglance” means “hight gloss” in Silesian!

PROJECT: Bogna Polańska, Roma Skuza, Kaja Nosal
MATERIAL: hard coal+silver mark 925


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Every item from our collection is distinctive and handmade. This uniqueness stems from the material itself: coal. Because it is chipped off a larger block, every piece has its own individual shape. Our jewellery is made from a fragile and living natural material. In fact, the lump of coal used in this item is approximately 300 million years old. Therefore items may crumble or crack if subjected to heavy impact or being dropped. We advise you not to try to bite the product, instead show it off in a healthy Silesian way by wearing our jewellery in a visible place. But beware – these items are obscure objects of desire and may arouse envy in other people. Classic pendants are available in the following sizes: S, M, L.
The product is sold WITHOUT THE CHAIN.

Every piece is hand-crafted and unique..

Classic pendant is available in sizes:

size stone height in cm
S   2-3
M  3-5
L 5-9


The payments can be made via bank transfers using Transferuj.pl or cash on delivery. DHL courier in case of bank transfers costs 13.50 PLN. DHL courier in case of cash on delivery costs 17 PLN.

Within 2 business days.
All orders are delivered by DHL couriers. Orders may be also collected in person from bro.Kat, open from Monday to Friday from 9.00am to 5.00pm. If you want to collect the order in person, call us in advance: +48 883 366 008

In case of returns/replacements/complaints please sent an e-mail with a described problem to produkt@pracowniabrokat.pl. Your e-mail should include your phone number as it will make it easier for us to contact you fast. Shipping address: BROKAT SPÓŁKA Z O. O. ul. Gliwicka 188/3, 40-860 Katowice, Poland. Your shipment should contain a relevant proof of purchase such as a receipt or a print-out confirming the bank transfer.