LIGOTA PARK – an apartment


    Roma Skuza,
    Bogna Polańska



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    os. Ligota Park,

With minimal interference into structure of the apartment, we decreased its disadvantages and multiplied its advantages. By pulling down walls of a blind kitchen, we eliminated a long dark hallway and made the kitchen the real heart of the apartment. A countertop separated the kitchen from the living room and serves as a bar.

The kitchen and the living room constitute one space and thus, the floor is covered with the same bright wood that optically enlarges the apartment. In order to increase the impression that the apartment is spacious, the majority of cupboards, box rooms and furniture are joined to create fitted wardrobes, whose doors are made from lacobel, i.e. stained glass, and thus, “disappear” in the apartment.

fot. Radosław Kaźmierczak