Stand ‘Śląskie. Pozytywna energia’ during European Economic Congress 2017 – Katowice

    Bogna Polańska,
    Roma Skuza,
    Marcin Czopek

    Instytucja Kultury
    Ars Cameralis

    2017, 85m2

    Urząd Marszałkowski Województwa Śląskiego

  • EVENT:
    IX European Economic Congress 2017

    Międzynarodowe Centrum
    Kongresowe w Katowicach

    ÅOOMI, KAFTI, Laga,
    Marbet Style, Mazzivo,
    PP Pracownia, Paged Meble,
    pieniek pieniek, Wietrzne Pole,
    Silesia Custom Furniture

Inspiration for the stand promoting Silesia. Positive energy at European Economic Congress 2017 were green zones of the vivodeship. They consist of 32% of the Silesia’s grounds. Also inspirational was tradition of ‘silesian home’ which is distinguished by unusual warmth and unique hospitality.

The idea was to create a relaxing, cozy space being in the opposite to standard picture of Silesia, seen through the prism of coal mines, piles and tenement houses. We favour care for the environment and for the culture heritage.

You could see various art works created in Silesia by local artists, entrepreneurs and designers.

Most of the stand space was filled with a green installation designed by Wietrzne Pole. Natural space  with real, live, smelling of forest plants brings to mind wonderful but underestimated wodds, which are a greate value to the vivodeship.

fot. Radosław Kaźmierczak