‘Gardens in our heads’ – an artistic installation inside shipping containers designed as an outdoor radio studio for Trójka Polish Radio

    Marcin Czopek,
    Roma Skuza,
    Bogna Polańska

    Instytucja Kultury
    Ars Cameralis

  • DATE:

    29,28m2 + 524m2

    Silesia Vivodeship Marshal's Office for Trójka - Polish Radio

    Off Festival 2018

  • SITE:
    Dolina Trzech Stawów in Katowice

    Wietrzne Pole

During this year edition of OFF Festival we had a pleasure of designing an outdoor artistic installation inside shipping containers and a relax zone for Silesian Marshal’s Office.

This year the containers served as Trójka Polish Radio’s outdoor studio where interviews with musicians were held and live streaming of the festival was broadcasted from. The containers also served as a tiny stage where among mirror surfaces and ‘green cloud’ ceiling spontaneous performances took place.

We created a reflective space, full of reflections and mirror surfaces. Thanks to that the interiors seemed to be bigger and more interesting.

To provide this effect in one containers we used silver reflective paper plates on the walls and the ceiling. The other container was decorated with mirror-like material and a green installation hung below the ceiling.

In between the recordings people could visit containers, feel the power of installation and take some pictures.

fot. Radosław Kaźmierczak