Exhibition pavilion for Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, Thailand at COP24 Katowice 2018

    Bogna Polańska,
    Roma Skuza

    DECEMBER 2018

  • AREA:

    Department of Environmental Quality Promotion
    Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment

  • EVENT:
    COP24 Katowice 2018 –
    United Nations Organization
    conference on climate change

  • SITE:

    Wietrzne Pole

Last year in Poland the biggest UNO conference- COP24 took place. It was our home City Katowice which hosted guests from around the world who care for our planet. This event was dedicated to the most important climate issues. For two weeks there were debates, conferences and conversations taking place in the conference rooms and pavilions.

Our studio had a pleasure of designing one of the pavilions. Five weeks ahead the start of the event Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment from Thailand came out asking for help in the project.

Constructed pavilion was an extraordinary combination of various assumptions such as measurements, functions, fire regulations, which quite limited the possibilities of using different finishing materials, and extremely short time of the realization, which only allowed us to use what was available on the market.

An important aspect was a scene for speakers and space for 40 listeners, separate room for inner meetings and lunches, reception, back room and informal talk zone. Attraction of the pavilion was a place where guests could take a commemorative photo on a very specific background. The stand was of course ment to promote Thailand,

The conception was build up on a thought through functional setup, in order to fit in the rich programme in the limited meterage.

Moreover we wanted the space to be open and inviting for visitors. We used various forms of green color. From the wall paint to a live green installation, which added a bit of exotic touch to the pavilion. The construction was accented by an unusual pink color, and walls by sea blue. Colors were according to extraordinary rich in red and pink mosaic elevations on Thai temples.

fot. Radosław Kaźmierczak