KRAKUSKI – a confectionery


    Bogna Polańska,
    Roma Skuza


    Bahlsen Polska
    spółka z o.o. Sp. k.

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    centrum, Kraków

Our task was to create a pilot project of an interior that was to be a confectionery, a cake shop and a café. The entire project was to be universal so that similar places could be open in other parts of the country. The investor wanted to have a simple interior with homely atmosphere, which would refer to the company’s traditions.

Characteristic elements were the key to create the project. Krakuski’ motto – “with passion and all our heart” – that appears on the menu board was the first element. Another one were the details that resemble company’s products, such as sofas or lampshades that look like biscuits. The third component was colour dark blue taken from visual identification. Everything is connected by wood which creates homely atmosphere.

There are many different seating settings so that the clients may make choices according to their needs – a common table symbolizes home, whereas separate tables with sofas allow for any arrangement of seats; barstools are designed for fast consumption.
Shapes of Krakuski’ products were also used to create a pattern that may be further used as a motif on wallpapers or product packaging.

wiz. Sebastian Grochowski