Mobile exhibition stand for TDJ

mobilne stoisko wystawiennicze
AUTHORSKasia Kochanowska, Marcin Czopek, Bogna Polańska, Roma Skuza
SIZE9 m2

Stand prepared for TDJ ltd, a company based in Katowice is the result of design and implementation works taking into account all the needs presented by the investor, among others: mobility, lightness of construction, ease of assembly and disassembly and the possibility of expanding the stand in the future. At the same time, the stand was to be elegant and functional and to be compatible with the company’s key visual. It was created to represent the company at many external events taking place in various locations throughout the country.

Due to such assumptions, we decided to reduce the weight of individual elements to the minimum, and also make the stand as simple as possible to assemble, so that the company’s employees were able to handle it themselves, without an assembly team. Based on these assumptions, we decided to arrange the space using elements built not from planes, but from the edges, thus limiting the weight, as well as the space needed for transport. In this way, a scheme of a folded, openwork cuboid with repeatable dimensions of the base was created. As a result, we obtained a detachable module of 220 cm in hight, made of steel profiles, which became the basis for the entire stand.

Using the repeatability of the module, we offered investors a stand in three sizes: S, M and L. Size S contains basic functions such as a counter, TV set and shelves under it. Lada is a structure built of three individual modules, also with the same repeatable base, but in this case the vertical edges are shortened by half, and the whole is covered with a top.

The TV frame, which plays the role of a TV stand, stands out from the background of the stand, because it is the only one with “walls”, planes closing the parallelogram. We obtained this effect by covering the openwork skeleton with a specially prepared cover. Thanks to the use of fabric, we have created a monolithic block, inside of which there is wiring and storage space. This treatment allowed us to maintain the minimalist stand aesthetics.

M and L versions have been extended with additional shelves and a module with lighting.