Educational – dance room in Teatr Mały in Tychy

AUTHORSMarcin Czopek
Bogna Polańska
Roma Skuza
INVESTORTeatr Mały w Tychach

Teatr Mały in Tychy has asked us to design an educational-dance room purposed for children’s activities. The room was meant to accommodate few functionalities like ballet room, dance hall, play room or small cinema room. The project was to contain all the functionalities and possibility of expanding them if needed.

According to assumptions and limited budget we based the design on multi-functional modular furniture. It is made out of plywood and shaped foam fittings. This construction fully uses the space by the length of the wall.

Thanks to simple geometry and big colourful surfaces the furniture adds character and covers the radiators as well. It adapts to actual needs as the foam fittings can be used like seats or blocks for games or art therapy.

Opposite the construction there are mirrors hanged. They serve for exercises, dancers’ self-control and they too optically enlarge the interior. Open space gives possibility of free movement and unlimited arrangements options.

Installation of birch trunks invites children to a separate cloakroom.