Ordona a flat

Ordona mieszkanie
AUTHORSAnna Wawrzyniak
Roma Skuza
Bogna Polańska
SITEKoszutka, Katowice

This small flat is situated on the twelfth floor of a block of flats and can boast an incredible panoramic view of Katowice. The premises was bought in order to be let, and thus, the owners wanted to sneak some interesting elements characteristic for Silesia into the project so that a visiting person would remember the interior and would like to return to it. The clients wanted to interest their visitors with our region.

Thanks to the courtesy of two photographer friends we had a chance to implement the clients’ ideas. The entire ceiling in the bedroom was covered with a wonderful bird’s-eye photograph taken by Wojciech Radwański and showing Katowice with its landmarks, i.e. the building of Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra, the International Conference Centre, Spodek, and the area of two districts, Koszutka and Śródmieście, in winter scenery. Lying in bed, the visitors may easily get their bearings and plan a sightseeing tour.

Opposite the entrance to the living room there is an extraordinary photograph taken by Radosław Kaźmierczak in which one may admire a shaft of Szombierki Coal Mine in Bytom. The photograph refers to the history of post-industrial structures common for Silesia.

The interior had to be designed in a functional way. On one hand it had to be lessee-friendly, but on the other it couldn’t be lacklustre. A small kitchen was opened and combined with a living room by tearing down the wall that used to separate these two rooms. A long counter placed along the window invites everyone to enjoy the view of the bustling city. By eliminating a small hallway leading to the bathroom, the living room was enlarged, and consequently, we could design a row of wardrobes with multiple purposes such as a workstation or a broom closet. The used materials create a worm and cosy interior. Interior design elements in black and navy blue give the flat character.