A teenager’s room

AUTHORSBogna Polańska
Roma Skuza
Małgorzata Staroń

Our teenage client has always dreamt of an elevated bed, a place to study on the floor and a huge desk. We managed to fulfil the dreams by rearranging the function of a small room with a sloping ceiling.

The bed is placed on two legs over some bookcases. Thus, the upper part is for sleeping and the lower one for studying. Next to the bed there is a headboard made of colourful materials. Both wardrobe doors and a bed side have mirror finish thanks to which they do not dominate the interior and add some depth to it. The desk is actually a big working surface that transforms itself into capacious and useful cupboards right under the sloping ceiling. A part of wall above the desk is covered in magnetic paint and serves as a handy blackboard.

Shades of blue dominate the room as it is the client’s favourite colour. The interior is topped up with comfy and soft poufs.