„Przytul Polskę” – exhibition for families in Gdańsk

wystawa dla rodzin w Gdańsku
Bogna Polańska
Roma Skuza
ILLUSTRATIONSPatricija Bliuj_Stodulska
PRODUCERAgata Bisping
EXHIBITION DATE11 lipca – 31 sierpnia 2019
TIME of REALIZATIONMrch – July 2019
SITEHevelianum, Gdańsk
PARTNERSLasy Państwowe, Hevelianum

Again, we had the pleasure to design the exhibition in cooperation with the Mamy Mamy collective: Małgosia Żmijska and Joanna Studzińska, specializing in exhibitions. After previous work on Ekoeksperymentarium in Katowice and Ekoeksperymentarium vol.2 in Łódź, the time has come for an exhibition devoted to Poland.

The girls made an attempt to look at Poland from a family perspective. “Polishness, culture, language, civic attitude – these are matters that are not always easy to talk with adults, let alone children, that’s why we focused on creating such a space where families, while having fun together, could reflect on this topic. The exhibition does not give any answers, but encourages everyone to seek their own answers to important questions. ‘We want to talk to children about Poland without embellishment, but with sympathy and a sense of humor’ say the curators.

The exhibition tackled various issues in a child-friendly way, encouraging them to be active and creative. Through creative activities and tasks, adults and children were invited to talk about important issues, such as citizenship, community or constitution, but also about basic and everyday ones, such as cuisine, language or nature.

Entering the exhibition, one could notice an information board with a portal of white and red ribbons, which encouraged them to plunge between them.

In “Fan Corner” it was possible to take funny pictures of themselves with fan scarves, in a hat in the shape of a ski jump with funny glasses and bushy mustache.

The focal point of the exhibition was a place full of cushions in the shape of Poland. Right next to it in the “Mission Citizen” zone you could read a fragment of the introduction to the Constitution, talk and cast your vote on this topic. Even the youngest participants could write what rules should apply in Poland or think about what patriotism is with the giant book “Who are you?”.

Families also faced linguistic challenges by playing language riddles and tracking down Polish regionalisms.

In “Polish Cuisine” you could have fun guessing the characteristic smells, create your own compositions for Sunday dinner, see the rain of dumplings or vote for your favorite Christmas Eve soup.

Looking under your feet on the floor game, you could find a series of questions that allowed us to find out the truth about whether we are alike all Poles.

In the “Polish Art Gallery” part you could discover how culture connects us, play in a music piecies recognition game listening to Chopin.

At the end, a large clearing encouraged you to relax in the “PrzytuLas” section, where you could hug Polish animals or look for birds, play with wooden toys and think about why we need the forest and how well we know it. Or maybe thanks to this space someone planned a family trip to the forest?

In this exhibition, together with children, you could look at Poland again, talk to and think about what we like about it and what we can do to make all of us live well.s