‘Diamond’ – an audio-visual installation designed for the opening of Silesian Stadium

Bogna Polańska
Marek Zieliński
Jakub Swat
IMPLEMENTATIONInstytucja Kultury Ars Cameralis
EVENT"Potęga emocji. Stadion Śląski 1956-2017"– otwarcie Stadionu Śląskiego 2017
SITEStadion Śląski

The audio-visual installation designed for the opening of Silesian Stadium took the form of a diamond as a metaphor of events that had taken place in this facility – an abundance of successes and emotions connected not only to sport, but also to music and politics. Etymologically, the word “diamond” means adamant and unshakeable, what invokes an image of all successes that took place at Silesian Stadium. Moreover, diamond is also coal, and the latter is especially important for our region, just like Silesian Stadium.

The multimedia installation invites everyone to get to know more about the Stadium’s history. It is supposed to intrigue, inspire interest, and evoke associations. Thanks to its mobility, the installation may be presented in various spots, e.g. theatres or museums, which are outside its main base. It connects metaphorically two remote worlds – culture and sport.