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We received an award in category “creation of fashion” during Silesia Fashion Day


The award for “tooting one’s horn in a Silesian way by wearing jewellery,” i.e. having courage to introduce hard coal to fashion. After ages of being extracted, “black gold from Silesia” is not only put into furnaces, but also enters the high society. Nomination for original promotion of the region by means of hard coal jewellery.


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We arranged a space for conference accompanying the 10th anniversary of Industrial Monuments Route

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The first fascinator made of hard coal designed by us for a photo shoot

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We designed and custom-made hard coal statues


During the second edition of independent awards gala of the Silesian Students’ Forum “Antracyty Biznesu” the statues designed by Bro.Kat were given to three prize-winners in three different categories: “A Friend of BBC Students’ Forum” – Jadwiga Witek, “Silesian Leader” – Przemo Łukasik, and “Special Award” – Michał Bal.


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Our hard coal jewellery at an exhibition in the National Art Museum of China in Beijing


Our “Hochglance” in Beijing at the exhibition titled “From Sources to Inspiration: Ethnic Motifs in Polish Design” in the National Art Museum of China (NAMOC). The exhibition is organized by the State Ethnographic Museum.


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An interview with us, among others, printed in a book titled “Nowi Ślązacy. Miasto, dizajn, tożsamość”


Silesia is … nonobvious, complex, imperfect and challengingly contrastive. The book written by Zofia Oslislo-Piekarska is a compilation of talks with activists, artists, architect, ethnographers, art historians, cultural experts, musicians, and designers that have decided to change the region by means of art and design, among other things. This publication aims at examining the phenomenon of semantic design inspired by culture and heritage of the region that have recently been tremendously influencing the shaping of local identity.


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Honourable mention in category YOUNG CREATOR and INTERIOR OF THE YEAR in the 20th edition of ARCHITECTURE OF THE YEAR OF SILESIAN VOIVODESHIP competition


Honourable mention in category YOUNG CREATOR and INTERIOR OF THE YEAR for the B&T Skyrise project awarded in the 20th edition of ARCHITECTURE OF THE YEAR OF SILESIAN VOIVODESHIP competition to Bro.Kat


B&T SKYRISE biuro informatyczne

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“Hochglance” take part in “Creating Silesia” campaign organized by Marshal Office


Hard coal jewellery has been considered to be an important object changing Silesia’s image, together with an artificial heart from Cardiosurgery Development Foundation in Zabrze and a DQ80251 Microprocessor designed by Digital Core Design from Bytom.


źródło: www.brainbox.pl

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Arrangement of wardrobes for Kelis and Neneh Cherry during Tauron Nowa Muzyka in 2014